Episode 11 of Paleo Talk

Paleo Talk is in the double digits for REALS now! Thank you everyone for all your submissions – if we didn’t get to yours or one similar just keep listening – we’ll hopefully take care of you soon. Sarah speaks at length about the upcoming release date of her book and related promo video and then the Q&A begins around the six-minute mark – give or take a few. Oh just listen to the whole thing won’t ya?

In this edition of Paleo Talk:

  • Understanding the basics. What is Paleo and why do (we) do it.
  • Dairy and skin issues. What do (we) use to cleanse our skin?
  • Coconut Crystals?
  • Deli Meats. How healthy and should I bother?
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Pregnancy, Glucose Test and other options.
  • Expecting baby #2 – strategy plan for this life-changing scenario.
  • What should I load my cart with at Trader Joe’s?

Of course these are just the rough topics as the conversation oftentimes takes its own path. Please click the feed on the right side bar and enjoy!


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