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Go Paleo!

Fad diets come and go, but Paleo’s longevity could be a saving grace to those looking to lose weight and improve their health. The claims made for eating like our ancient ancestors have scientific backing. Leanrunnerbean lists Paleo as one of the best diets for women and cites “going Paleo” can help with blood pressure, cholesterol and can lead to consistent fat loss and increases in fitness.

So, how do you get in-touch with your inner hunter-gatherer? Easy! Start by cutting out processed foods, including grains and dairy and replace them with quality meats, fibrous vegetables, with a little fruit and nuts. When it comes to Paleo, it pays to be prepared. Use this free 2-day Paleo plan to get your diet on-track.


Pre- or post-training breakfast

  • 4 pasteurised egg whites
  • small banana
  • Dash of coconut milk

Coconut milk is a great source of kilojoules with immunity-boosting antimicrobial properties, while the egg whites are a high-quality protein source. Blend ingredients with water and ice to taste. If you’re training to build muscle, use a bit more banana. If you’re looking to slim down, leave it out.

Mid-morning snack

  • A couple of slices of cold roast beef
  • Small handful of mixed seeds


  • Tuna nicoise salad

Mix a 95g can of tuna in spring water with 1 sliced boiled egg, a few chopped cherry tomatoes, 2-3 cos lettuce leaves, 2-3 anchovies and a few olives.

Afternoon snack

  • Celery with almond butter


  • Chicken stir-fry (extra veggies, no rice)

In a wok, stir-fry 150g of sliced chicken with a little soy and chilli sauce and your choice of chopped vegetables.


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